St Lucia at Silver Shells Condominimium Association is located within the Silver Shells Resort & Spa, on the panhandle of Florida, in Destin; "The World's  Luckiest Fishing Village."   Along with our beautiful resort, unique buildings, well-maintained property, and excellent location, this website is designed to make St. Lucia at Silver Shells an even better place to own and enjoy.  Along with keeping you informed and more involved in the Association's day-to-day operations, we hope you will find this site and its information convenient.  It includes easy access to the association's by-laws, rules, news, board minutes and other information for your use.  This site is accessible with a designated password and is intended for the sole use of the owners at St Lucia.

Contact Info:

CAM: Sally Piccuito (Cell) 850-213-6328  (Office)  850-837-0781  Office hours:  Tuesday-Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Maintenance Supervisor:  Brittan Gisi  (Cell)  850-687-7015  Office hours:  Saturday - Wednesday 7:00 am -3:00 pm

Gatehouse:  850-460-7173  (Cell)  850-699-1523  

Halo water leak system:  845-873-4256

Wifi help:  844-275-3626

Contact Info: Sally Piccuito